It is a commonly held view that kitchens sell homes and they are the central hub of a home. For many, the kitchen is a place where the family comes together to prepare beautiful meals, entertain and share some of the most enjoyable moments in life.

With these factors in mind, it is vital when designing any kitchen to balance:

  • creative design;
  • functionality; and
  • visual impact.

By adopting this holistic approach our clients are continually satisfied each time they look at their kitchen.

Aspects we consider in the functionality of our client’s kitchen include:

  • space;
  • light in the room;
  • use of innovative high quality hardware;
  • dimensions and distances between appliances; and
  • size of family.

When L.A. Smith Kitchens & Furniture design our clients dream kitchen, we balance this functionality with visual impact, and we work with our clients to ensure their key priorities are given the highest priority.

Contemporary Kitchens

A contemporary kitchen pushes the boundaries of design.  It can be simple and sleek or sharp and cutting edge with the newest of appliances and technology. There is less reliance on natural materials and we aim to produce the character of the kitchen through its design.  The style of the kitchen allows creativity and you will receive fantastic results from designing a finished product that is very unique.

Traditional Kitchens
Timber Kitchens

A kitchen featuring timber exudes warmth and creates a relaxed environment for all to enjoy.  Each piece of timber is unique and has its own character. You can admire the natural and unique features of a timber kitchen for many years. Timber kitchens will generally last through changing trends and rarely date. If you are considering a timber kitchen, L.A. Smith Kitchens & Furniture have specialist knowledge of all Australian Wood species to help you in your design.

Outdoor Kitchens

As Australian’s we love the outdoors and entertaining and there is growing demand for outdoor living. Having a fully outdoor kitchen or partly outdoor kitchen area, that is functional and caters for all your needs is vital when designing an outdoor kitchen.

When planning your design, we want to ensure you are able to use your outdoor kitchen all year round. Creating a space suitable to all seasons is an imperative part of the design process to achieve this all year use.

Material choice is also a key consideration of an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can be exposed to vast weather conditions, this means we need to choose materials that will endure the varying Australian conditions and be low maintenance with minimal wear and tear. Creating an atmosphere of entertainment is also important for your outdoor kitchen, this enables you to cook, talk to your guests and continue to entertain. Depending on how the building is situated, you can incorporate your current living space to be an indoor outdoor area.