Bespoke Joinery
Our bespoke joinery includes beautifully designed and crafted pieces of joinery that can suit your individual style, tastes and particular space. Our specialities include:

  • walk in robes and wardrobes
  • home offices and studies
  • furniture
Home Office and Studies

It is important to have a space that is well designed to work in each day, when working in a home office. This design should include a layout so that everything is easily accessible. At L.A. Smith Kitchens & Furniture we work with our clients proactively to achieve the best solution for when they work at home.

Other important factors of a home office include storage and light. We have a plethora of design options and ways to incorporate seamless storage options for our client’s home office and to create a space of inspiration when our clients need it most.

Walk-In Robes / Wardrobes

It’s so important to get it right when it comes to a robe. Whether it’s a larger walk in robe with plenty of storage or a smaller robe with limited space available, we want our clients to have a space that is custom built to meet their requirements.

Robes can be designed to be simple and elegant or have all the bells and whistles, it can depend on our client’s budget and space to what L.A. Smith Kitchens & Furniture can design and manufacture. The options are endless! that is custom built to meet their requirements.


The key differentiation of custom made furniture to mass produced furniture is that you won’t find a custom made piece anywhere else. Our client’s appreciate top quality products and hand crafted furniture that is made to suit their home.

Our custom made furniture is designed uniquely for our clients to suit their individual taste, style, particular space and surroundings. L.A. Smith Kitchens & Furniture can design our clients custom furniture to integrate straight into their home or to create a whole new look in their space.

We can use natural products including timbers with natural colours, grains and timeless quality that always looks good or we can use modern and seamless products that look modern and unique.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or find the size furniture you need for a specific space, contact Leigh as nothing is out of the question at L.A. Smith Kitchens & Furniture.

Furniture products we have produced for our clients include:

  • Book cases;
  • Home theatre cabinets;
  • Entertainment units;
  • TV cabinets;
  • Wine racks and cellar room units;
  • Display cabinets and wall units;
  • Tables;
  • Beds and bedside tables.